Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bohemian monsters

Recently, Brad Meltzer and crew covered the mystery of Bohemian Grove. Never mind the fact that the most powerful and richest men have gathered there to get drunk, cavort, dress in drag and devise a plan to rule the world (some more), what got my attention was the giant 40 ft Owl.

Yeah, it's an OWL. When you think Owl, you think Strigiformes. Birds (of Prey). But when I see a giant owl in the middle of a grove, surrounded by hooded figures, I think EVIL. And with good reason. Owls are bad omens across the globe, from Africa to the Ancient Americas. It is a harbinger of Death and Destruction.

Most intriguing of all, from certain angles, the 40 ft Owl resembles Reptilian beings of Sumerian mythology.

The similarities are uncanny.

(more to come.)