Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ray Kurzweil on climate change and why you shouldn't sweat it (pun intended)...

Check it out here.


Rich said...

Climate changes. Didn't actually read this though....maybe later.

Rich said...

Taken from article: "We now have the actual means of understanding the software of life and reprogramming it;..."

The universe and everything does seem to be some sort of "coded/programmed" reality. Chance is our inability to 100% understand at any given time the "code/program."

Anything that seems random, IS NOT RANDOM. Only random to us. We can't calculate it. Can't figure it out. Does not mean that it can NEVER be calculated.

The world is well calculated and if one could peer into every bit of it, the world is already known. Past, present, future, motion and time become untrue for us. Essentially non-existent. Everything and everyone non-existent...just manifestations of some sort of "coded/programmed" reality.

Like a character in a game, that is part of the game and is indeed THE GAME and that goes here and there, where day and night could pass in less than a half hour...yet all not true. ALL NOT TRUE. Find the character in the game. Find the tree in the game. The car in the game. The grass. the wind. The oceans. The movement of the oceans. The movement of the trees. The love of the characers. The hate of the characters. The surprise of the characters. The sorrow of the characters. FIND THEM!

They don't exist. Just manifestations of whatever the code/program says. Nothing more.

Why anything at all? If nothing is random, why anything at all? Why the game(s)?

Well just because I don't believe the world to be random doesn't mean I believe in a creator or creators. The whole thing probably started out relatively simple and evolved, without the need for a creator or creators.

This would be an answer to the question why anything at all.

ANSWER: Because it could.

I could only hope it hurries up and evolves a heart/mind to care and love (in the non sick, non wacko way).

Maybe that is too much to ask.

Rich said...

I should add that yes eveidence does show, especially regarding Quantum Mechanics, that the universe is based in some sort of randomness...and arose possibly radomly.

So, of course, it is my belief that nothing is random. Why do I believe this? My experience. It is hard to imagine no cause and effect. Every single particle, non particle, etc, or whatever that happened during the "big bang" went the way it did, because there was NO other way.

To an observer it would certainly appear random and practically speaking be random (we'd have no other way of seeing it). Actually though, I believe the whole thing to be calculated, again not necessarily intentionally though.

Hydrogen wound up with its weight because there was NO OTHER CHOICE. The formula of the "big bang" dictated this all along.

Yes, programs/software can create randomness. I mean look at random number generators. There are also hardware random number generators but even they are not random. At heart, NOTHING IS RANDOM. EVERYTHING could be calculated and is calculated....just we lack the ability to see it. We lack the ability to see the EXACT order in the quantum world and the world at large. It seems we can't and it appears (experiments/tests) random.

If we could gain access to the program (and hardware) in the right conditions, so to speak, we'd be able to see that nothing is in fact random...no matter how much it appears to be.

The problem is that we're so intertwined in whatever this all is that I can't think of a way of seperating any one of us from IT (the universe or whatever this all is). We are essentially IT. We're not a seperate thing.

The questions of "life after death," free will (individuality), synchronicities, time slips/hallucinations and indeed EVERYTHING should, I believe, probably be viewed in this context. The context of some sort of coded reality being manifested (perhaps in some sort of holographic sense using some sort of weird material that we could not examine), with or without a writer.

If I existed on and mostly because of my laptop, I could not examine the screen I appear on too well (nor myself), let alone anything else. I'd be generally a product of a program, chips, electricity and the screen I appear on. Same with the holographic idea...what appears to be immaterial...really is material, just not readily apparent. You'd swear up and down that you're living in some La La Land and had a soul and could exist without ANY material.

In our case the materials are sooooooooo exotic and we're sooooooooo entrenched and intertwined in it ALL that to get a REALLY good grip on it all, well, to say the least, is quite difficult.

I don't know, except the world certainly seems fucked up and doesn't seem anywhere near to be growing a brain, heart, and "soul" to be kind, loving in a non-sick, non-wacko way. That's all.