Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's have a toast for the douchebags...

Tonight, the finest (or most popular) in the Music Industry are celebrated at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. Some will show up in outrageous outfits while others, in muted styles, will expect their talent to speak for itself. The only thing these people have in common, other than their love for music, is their dedication to the Art form.

You will find dedication and hard work in every medium. Sometimes you will know the difference between those that do all the work and those that enjoy all the glory. In Ufology it's no different. Just as you can listen to a song and tell whether the artist is worthy of the $20 bucks it will take to own the album, it's not hard to scour the web, reading blogs and buying books to figure out who the major voices are in the World Wide Weird.

But sometimes... just sometimes... something else slips through the cracks. The Showman. The one who is an elaborately built pile of bullshit. The one who can make up more stories than he/she can collect. The one who can write an entire book based on lies and disinformation. I am not going to hate on the inevitable rise of the UFOLOGY star, because there's always one. But, I will voice my disdain at the fact that many people are full of shit and somehow they manage to rise above the rest.

Some will say, "In Ufology there is no glory, celebrity or fame." That is bull shit. There are plenty of celebs in this game. Plenty. They are the inevitable hoaxers, the so-called professionals, the self-professed know-it-all's, the 'scholars', the Contactee's, the Gurus and those that Call DOWN... U-F-O's...


They exist. They like the attention. They will never shut up. And frankly, they are the bane of my existence. Ufology has become a boring, crash course in testing ones nerves. For every sincere sighting that makes my heart rise, there is that inevitable fall of blood pressure when skeptics crawl out from under their rocks to knock everything down and 'experts' step in to add extra sparkle to the story.

I won't step to lower levels by naming anyone. Why should I? They know who they are. They know they are ruining it for everyone else. I suppose I am ranting because I still care. But soon enough my blog will be silent. I will have no more to say. Because I won't bother going on about something I no longer give a damn about.

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Rich said...

What is interesting to me, quite odd, is that we live in a world we really don't know and it follows we think we can know things and ourselves and each other. What did any one of us know before any one of us was born?

Sooo, all not rests with ufolgy but who knows who or what....???? If the world REALLY cared, WE WOULD KNOW as in KNOW not guess or have to figure this ALL out....but alas we're stuck...stuck trying to figure out a multitude of things, things which should already be known....IN GREAT, PERFECT DETAIL.

So science tells us that this is all here by accident/chance...seems quite true. The proof of this, seems overwhelming.

For a meaningful mind to create this world would be like some REALLY sick Willy Wonka "factory of told and untold horrors." Meaningful, but really do any of us want this factory? Perhaps if changed COMPLETELY, but really at this point in our time...

Ufology anyone? How about string theory? Gravitional Theory? Some hybrid of the two perhaps? How about the cure for this disease and that disease? How about the cure for all horrible things? How about the cure for all horrible people (people really are things though...right?)?

So, really what is my point? I have no fucking clue. This is my point. I could only give my view.

People who can't speak (write) of things they can't back up with evidence, should be ignored...unless it is just speaking off the cuff or unofically or just for fun or things like this. People who fabricate evidence should be ignored and pointed out for what they did. This seems about all we can do.

I mean, I don't know, whatever.