Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My latest article @BOA

Some time ago, back when I first started writing for Binnall Of America, Tim Binnall asked me what my thoughts were on Bigfoot phenomena. I was never that forthcoming with my theory of the origins of the Hairy Beast man. Truth be told, I was exploring the Bigfoot as far back as second grade. It began with a bible passage about giants that has led me on a lifelong quest to solve the riddle of the human family tree.

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Rich said...

Well, I don't think it is so unreasonable to believe there may be another "human-type" creature living out there somewhere or perhaps even more than one type.

Did we evolve to become what we are now? I believe the answer to be YES. How exactly this happened is unknown. How might this have happened can be deduced using the Theory of Evolution and the various sciences.

While not perfect (it is a theory after all, as opposed to 2+2=4), we can see evolution in the animal and plant kingdoms pretty clearly and hence, it seems pretty reasonable to believe we evolved from some other species and so on down the line....right from the ocean it seems. Not all so unreasonable.

Does this mean we came from the ocean and then went to amphibians, then lizards, birds, etc, etc, etc....all the way to us? Not necessarily but there is enough evidence that certainly seems to say that something like this chain of events probably (greater than 60%) happened, even if we don't know EXACTLY how it all happened.

EXACTLY how we got to be where are are, is a REAL mystery. But, the general way of looking at it all, is, in my opinion anyway, a very good start.

Rich said...

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