Monday, March 26, 2007

Alien Abductions

They incredible Regan Lee breaks down the Abduction phenomena.

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Rich said...

Her article is worth a read! Yup, who really knows. The problem is that fundamentally I don't think we know anything about anything. All based on senses and interpretations. Practical (for our "everyday bs" but I am not so sure about getting to any actual truth. It is qite easy to fool (whether by design or not) the senses and therefore it is quite easy for this world and us to have nothing to do with our experience(s). Also, on a more "down to earth" note, it is of course quite easy for people to fool other people; magicians, illusionists, and FX (special effects) artists, demonstrate this amongst others that could be listed here. I want to believe the world is fundamentally good but there is nothing and I mean nothing that proves this to me. A gift of life is not a gift if it is taken away...for anyone! And what is the sense of life if most of the time it is just a bunch of bs, if not for you, then for someone else.