Monday, March 19, 2007

Where have all the prophets gone?

Doesn't matter what religion you bow to, or what atheistic leanings you may have in regard to spirituality at all, because every culture has their prophets. There's JESUS, MOSES, BUDDHA and even the ORACLE (Pythia). Throughout history there's always been some person, not like everyone else, with all the knowledge of the universe...a divine upbringing and maybe even a parent who was not human. Always the same story...the same enlightening message, across the globe.
So why don't we have one now?
Seriously. We haven't had a prophet of such magnitude in 2000 or so years. Why? Why the dry spell? You would think with all the 'supposed' Star children being born, and the fact that our last few hundred years gave us MOZART, EINSTEIN, FEYNMAN and DA VINCI that we would have atleast one divine man (or woman) with the power to enlighten us all in these trying times.
But then again, no one has ever really given any credit to the esoteric aspects of all the religious doctrines out there---the fact that the BIBLE itself has more supernatural occurences then a Stephen King novel.
What if todays prophet is someone who is a reflection of the times? Could he/she be a video game wizard, a famous popstar? Or better yet, what if our next great prophet is an Abductee/Contactee?
Consider the overwhelming fact that the next person to lead humankind into the dawning of a new age may be the footsoldier of beings we may consider alien in origin, but who may very well be the same beings in control of every prophet ever born.
Our ancestors had no problem embracing the unknown and yet we place all of our faith in the belief that scientists will find an answer to the unknown...put faces on the monsters we think lurk in the dark...give us some reprieve from a fear older than ourselves.
Even worse is the idea that there is no prophet for our times because we don't deserve one.
Which is scarier of the two? Knowing that there is someone out there, capable of saving us all, who may be just a tad to the left of the straight and narrow, or the probability that that person doesnt exist at all?

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