Thursday, March 22, 2007

Heaven's Gate revisited

I would be the last person to suggest that the Heaven's Gate cult was on to something. They were clearly disturbed people. But, I will never forget the photo enlargements of Hale-Bopp that did, indeed, show something trailing behind, in close proximity. And to this day, there hasn't been a valid explanation.

An excerpt:

“Their beliefs were a hybrid of science fantasy (UFOs and aliens) and Christian beliefs. Essentially they believed that God and the Kingdom of God were extraterrestrial. They believed that they descended from this extraterrestrial kingdom and took occupancy in human bodies some 20 years or so ago. They believed that they had learned all there was to learn of the human condition and that it was time to return to the kingdom from where they came.”

For the record: UFO's and ALIENS are not Science Fantasy and I find it pretty uncanny that someone named SCULLY said these words.

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