Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Good, the bad and the Alien (part 2)

Part 2

In his book "23 minutes in hell" Bill Wiese describes the demons that dwell there as REPTILIAN; scaley, humanoid figures with bumps and disfigurements who were pure evil incarnate.

This is a completely different ideology in respects to religious artwork, which often times has depicted demons as horned, sometimes brown creatures resembling trolls. But the shadow cast on demonology by the countenance of Reptilian devils is as old as time.

The serpent in the garden, also known as the serpent of wisdom is the most popular and oldest incarnation of such creatures. In mythology it is seen as an enlightener or bringer of knowledge. This is basically a gnostic slant on the mythos.

The Mayans worshiped a Serpent god named Gucumatz. The Hopi's spoke of the Snake Brothers...or serpent brotherhood. Older depictions of Lilith show her embraced by serpents and hints to the prospect that the Primordial Woman of Columbian mythology is one and the same.

The mythology of india perhaps embraces the most famous of the serpent legends. The NAGAS...none too different than the Titans...who are closely related to the SONS OF GOD. There is an obvious connection.

In classic abduction sequences, the Greys, although not even remotely good, are no closer to being a threat than the Reptilians, who seemed to weild a completely different kind of technology but who have been known to work closely with the greys nevertheless.

We are obviously seeing two different types of beings working cohesively to the same ends. The greys are often depicted as part biological and part robotic, while the Reptilians are often Sauropoid in appearance.

Reptilians are often times linked to undeground bases or caves and have been known to cavort with human women against their will which would mean that although they are reptilian in appearance, they may share some inherent traits with humans.

How is this possible?

(to be continued)


Rich said...

I think there is definitely something to be said about these stories/encounters, whatever you want to call them, from the past. It is all quite interesting. I could easily recommend the book Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact, by Jacques Vallee, also dealing with this very subject.

Antigray said...

Hi Rich,
I wrote a book about the Repto Sapiens and their continuing interaction with humanity. They came from Earth originally and have the same roots we do. They use us as a periodic food resource when they stage mass migrations from their new home worlds. One of the points I make in my book is that the aliens don't need to stage an invasion to harvest meat here. They get us to kill each other (by using electonic mind control on key leaders and the masses)and then retrieve the bodies like vultures. Historically, when a political power system is preventing war, like when the Roman Empire established Pax Romana, the aliens will motivate other groups to take them down. About every 50 years they have a big harvest. It is a recurring pattern in history. The US is standing in their way big time. We have kept troops stationed in Germany, Japan, and Italy for the last 50 years to prevent those countries from starting a war for food prep again. Cannon fodder = Reptoid fodder. We also have military bases close to North Korea, Red China, and Iran to keep a lid on their surrogate military aspirations. Freedom from harvesting isn't free.

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme."
Mark Twain

"In Col. Corso’s book, several references are made to the aliens using us for food. He says we are causing the aliens “trouble down on the farm,” that the aliens have “harvests,” and they are using people and cattle for their organs to make packaged food like MREs. He said MREs are ideal for space travel, needing no refrigeration or cooking.
We need to plan to make MREs to trade with them."

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Rich said...

I am not exactly sure what is going on. There could be more than one type of "alien" interacting with us. Some of them good, some not so good and we rely on the good ones to try and keep the bad ones in check. This being said, I am still not so sure what exactly humanity has been dealing with through the ages. We still do not know a lot of things about the universe, how it works, what exactly is this place, and even why we and it exist...or hell, even what "existence" really is. The most scary thing to me is how people (I'll excuse other animals...humans still are somewhat animals...right!) can bring new life into this world and not know much, if anything, about it all. We can only know about "this place" and "us" in a practical sense, sort of like this seems to work so ok then. This all scares me almost or as much as the idea of aliens eating us. I do not know how much or if at all "free will" exists but new life is consistently being born into this place and life goes on for whatever reason...and I dare say all out of ignorance. Hope is just a four letter word and faith is an "empty word". All of the above is just one man's opinion and I would even dare to go out on a limb and say the above is a sad, horrible, horrible fact.