Wednesday, May 02, 2007

FILER’S FILES # 16 - 2007


Rich said...

Control! There is NO excuse why any individual should have to suffer and/or die. No Bible, no religious book, story, belief, etc, etc justifies any of the BEYOND despicable acts against, not just us, BUT ANY LIFE! And we worry when little Johnny or Sally tells a lie or steals? THINK! Yes of course, we don't want liars and thieves running around all over the place but when you put it all in perspective...these things ARE NOTHING....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING....need you be told????????????????????....compared to what this world has done and continues to do to MANY INDIVIDUALS. Individuals were made from the world/or whatever and shall not be blamed for their actions. The WORLD/or whoever/or whatever is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE!!

Rich said...

In other words, I am not saying that "bad people" should not be dealt with BUT what I am saying is they are NOT responsible. What is "bad" anyway? Fire? Cooks your food or burns you. Big dope (fish) eating little dope (fish)? You mean life eating life...the way the world was made! One life EATS another life to survive. Is this bad? I should stop be for I have a stroke.