Sunday, May 06, 2007

Here be Dragons

I had to post this because I still find it fascinating how deluded people can be. The year is 2007 AD and we are still plagued by the inaccuracies of history and ancient history, to the point where it becomes so easy to criticize our ancestors with no basis in fact. I find it very hard to believe that ancient peoples were not intelligent enough to know the difference between a giant, winged creature expelling fire from its throat, and a giant cat...especially considering that many of the dragon tales that have trickled down to us through the ages have rarely if ever consisted of ancient peoples finding dinosaur remains and ASSUMING they were dragons. Infact, many of the stories we do know are face to face encounters with living creatures. The LORE of the Dragon is not so easy to expell after all.


Rich said...

I am split on stories of "other worldly creatures," or creatures of myth. One side says some of this stuff existed and the other side says some of it didn't. One would think that people like the Mayans or the Chinese for instance would be smart enough back then to know the difference between a dragon or some other creature. I would certainly think they were smart enough. The thing is each culture had its own DIFFERENT representation of a dragon and how they were described and the powers attributed to them. Some of them describing what seem to be common animals (like prehistoric alligators) but just giving them some name and attrributes. Of course, also the fossil evidence doesn't show that dragons existed.

This sort of stuff can relate to the "alien beings" and "craft" although there seems to be more similarities with this stuff than with the dragons. Based on the lack of consistency among cultures, my opinion is that dragons did not exist but were representations of other creatures passed down through the ages and changed as time went on even made to be more than what they actually were.

On the other hand, again there does sem to be more consistency [CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG] among the "alien beings" and "craft" stuff through the ages and cultures that there does seem to be more to this than just stories. SEEM being the keyword here, since I obviously was not around back then (at least as far as I know...haha) to see any of this stuff for myself.

Rich said...

Add on: To modify/clarify my above commments I am along the lines that FIRE "throwing" dragons or any other strange creatures COULD have been CREATED. The only question then becomes where did they go? Where is any ACTUAL evidence of their existence? We don't know enough about EXACTLY how we got here, so it stands to reason that I could allow/imagine for, at some point anyway, dragons, unicorns, etc, etc having existed...perhaps some of these things STILL EXISTING somwhere else...taken away by whoever created them for whatever reason (assuming we were created by other advanced intelligent creatures). Then also there is the whole thing with cryptozoology...with perhaps some "strange creatures" still roaming the planet/another dimension...haha...waiting to be ACTUALLY discovered. Who really knows.

HERE IS A KINDA INTERESTING READ ON FIRE BREATHING/THROWING DRAGONS (did not fact check it but sounds good anyway):