Thursday, May 03, 2007

Holy Apparitions or Holographic alien technology

More on holograms and ET's...


Rich said...

I am not so sure exactly what to make of any of the "apparition" or "doves" stuff. It seems the doves were "craft." What were the apparitions...? I mean they certainly could have been produced by some sort of technology. If this somehow was a show/communication for humankind from "them" though, why only over that area? It certainly doesn't make me more religious or spiritual or do anything for about anyone else? There seems to be no significance to it even in light of the Bible. In my view, someone or group should have climbed up to the church or whatever and ACTUALLY tried to figure out what was going on. Could have tried throwing stones/sling shot, etc, etc at it, if and when it appeared again....since it seemed to regularly appear. Be much more proactive rather than have thousands of "mindless idiots" looking at NO ONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT....ANYONE CAN MANIPULATE THE PREDICTABLE....why...because thousands (should I include the rest of the world in this???) of people let it happen! I can see being unprepared since it only happened once but it REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN! If it goes away when you try chasing it...then assume it had nothing important anyway.... then ask yourself why something so "high above us" would run away. Whatever it is, then wouldn't be so miraculous to thousands upon thousands of idiots.

R. Lee said...

This is a subject close to my heart; I've been researching Marian apparitions for years. (nice hobby for a good Jewish girl, eh?) Like Vallee and many others, I think there is a Fortean-UFO connection to the apparitions.

But, in this case, (Zeitun) I don't think it's any of those things, including what Mary Ellen Lyold thinks, I think it was us. Some sort of Project Blue Beam (I think that was the name of it) project. An attempt by our military (or someone's) to manipulate the people of a given culture.

I wrote a bit about this on my blog too.

Whatever one thinks, it is very interesting!