Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Journal of Abduction-Encounter research

A complimentary copy...pass it on.


Rich said...

I'll have to look at this some other time in better detail. I am not a big fan of "regressive hypnosis" though. I think most or all of it can be easily dismissed as a bunch of crap.

Rich said...

Ok, finally read a lot of this. First, I hope they would just keep the pages of the stories together...there seems to be no reason to seperate the pages. Second, I thought the stories were interesting...however could not be sure in some cases how much was hypnotically recalled (not a big fan of this) and how much was not. Third, I liked the "UFO air traffic control" (funny in a way) story in that it does provide a sort of factual wide view of how many UFOs would be going in and out of our atmosphere to perform abductions...makes you wonder. I am of the opinion that we are dealing with hoaxes, liars, government projects, misidentifications and lastly who knows what else. I am not sure how to treat the stories in the Bible or any other ancient writings or depictions. The stuff seems "direct" enough to certainly suggest that in past history the human race dealt with "some other advanced intelligence(s)." On the other hand, I think books like the Bible were and/or turned out to be more of a "control system" for us than anything else. The simple fact of it all is that we are no better than bacteria. Sure, we build/invent things but what does this got to do with ANY ONE OF US...ANY SINGLE, ONE PERSON? I find it incomprehensible how the human race manages to keep going...meaning to willingly have kids or bring new life into this "world"...yes "accidents" happen....fortunate to whoever or whatever may or may not need us as a species alive...IS ALL OF THIS FORTUNATE FOR YOUR KID??? THINK! The only thing that keeps us going is ignorance, beliefs, spirituality, accidents, etc. Otherwise...tell me....anyone....WHY BRING NEW HUMAN LIFE INTO THE WORLD???? ANy factual thing you would like to present me with....anyone?? Anything based on facts????...not stories, beliefs, bullcrap that any creative/lying writers could have wrote, etc....anyone?, anyone?, anyone?...I am willing to bet there is nothing. Are we really so delusional? Are we really so stupid? Do we really feel that important?

Until we actually figure out whether there is "life after death," or what this whole "place" and any one of us is actually doing here....NO MORE NEW HUMAN LIFE! Of course, I wouldn't want this to be enforced or anything...this all being a mere exercise in thought. I am not a fanactic although my thoughts sometimes present me as one. I just want everyone to THINK! THINK! THINK! TO ACTUALLY, REALLY, TRULY THINK! Don't be so accepting of things...things that EVERYONE/EVERYTHINGS ELSE, like cattle, are doing.