Friday, April 09, 2010

Moon bases for alternate races

I found this piece at io9. The 60's was the era of space based thinking. Many of the illustrations accompanying the article were made in 1969 for the SCIENCE JOURNAL. The depictions made sense at the time. Because if you think about it, even though an artist can have some vague (yet imaginative), realization of something, when it comes to the actual finished product, the imagination rarely if ever compares.

But that is the beauty of concept art.

But therein lies the problem. For example: My generation was hoping for flying cars. We read about them. We saw movies depicting a society that relied on them. We saw them in cartoons and we dreamed about our very own vehicles on the wind. And now, we are all grown up and what do we have to compare our imaginations to? Nothing. Concept cars. Electric cars. Hybrids. No flying machines that would make the Jetsons look prophetic. So, seeing these artistic interpretations of Moonbases that even today, don't exist is humbling in a way. Because it says that even if we can't make it so when we want, we will eventually, so long as we keep dreaming it up.

I still want my flying car.

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Rich said...

I want miracles of which would make even God (or gods) be humbled. I'll keep dreaming as I don't expect to wake up.

Then again, antibiotics came about only after zillions of people died from curable there is some hope. Oh wait, these antibiotics seem to be losing their effectiveness and we have to develop other stuff. Oh wait, this keeps those researchers employed and SOME DAY new things are discovered and so on and so on and so on, etc. This is progress...right? Very sloooowwwwwwwww miracles, if any at all.

We have no choice. We never did and we never do. (in my opinion)