Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Visitors Welcome!

I've been watching NASA (UFO) footage most of the morning, and I've come to
three conclusions...

1) There are various different kinds of craft and they all seem to be 'aware' of each other.
This, in my opinion, means that every other (possible) species in the universe knows of each
others existence. We are the only ones in the dark.

2) These are, for the most part, some very large craft. Very large as in, travelling longer distances
with more people on board. Which leads me to conclusion number 3...

3) They appear to hover near Earth and the moon. They seem entirely interested in our planet and
our species. Why are they there, and what do they want? Considering the size of their crafts, I'd
say they have NO home to go to, and that perhaps there aren't any more planets as habitable and
life sustaining as earth.

It's very possible that something happened that destroyed more than a few homeworlds, but somehow
earth was spared. Maybe these beings stick around for the water and the fresh air. They leave
their crafts occasionally, but in the end, they are refugees/moochers and they are following some
code that prevents them from just coming down and taking over.

Maybe whoever owns this planet is still around and carries a big stick.

...curiouser and curiouser....


Rich said...

Ok, so there are UFOs. The thing is they MAY be alien or they may not be. A UFO is just an unidentified object. Yes, some of these objects APPEAR to be or are indeed some sort of craft.

Taken together, Edgar Mitchell and other astronaut communications/interviews , shuttle videos, etc. are SUGGESTIVE of "other wordly craft," but are NOT proof.

If you take ALL of the stuff that CERTAINLY seems to suggest "alien visitation" then all you have is a hypothesis and maybe a theory AT BEST...but alas not proof.

This does take the fun out of things a bit maybe but hey, it can't stop us from making an educated guess or hypothesis on the whole thing.

There certainly does seem to be stuff going on but exactly what, in each case, I either have no idea or I'm not sure.

Rich said...

I should note that my comment above was not an "attack" on this post. It was more of a knee-jerk response after looking at the youtube stuff. We all have the right to speculate, give our "two cents" and whatever though. I just wish we could find out more, if there is anything more to find out, rather than JUST looking at photos and video clips and listening to Jack, Jen, Hernandez, Mr + Mrs Wang, THE OH SO IMPORTANT PEOPLE OR THOSE "IN THE KNOW" or whoever telling their stories.

Yep, money$$$$ and GOOD research and this research able to be independently and unbiasedly confirmed/reviewed.

Jack Wilson said...

I like these videos. Don't know where you got them, but I'm glad you did.
Who is Bruce from the The Interstellar Housewife comment post?

Tina Sena said...

@ Jack: Maybe BRUCE KNAPP?