Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Perfect Addition to an important Argument

Deirdre, over at The Interstellar Housewife besides being incredibly awesome, has some valid points to make regarding the argument of the week...

Which you can catch up on here and here.


Deirdre said...

Thanks for the bump!

Erik said...

I appreciate it as well Ms. Tina. Most kind of you.

Rich said...

All good commentary by all of you. You didn't need me to tell you this though. The subject of "paranomal" not only needs money but good research (field and lab), which leads to good information (as best as can be done, with what can be gotten).

Good information is hard to knock because there was good research done behind it. The thing is that it is hard to be independently (away from ufo, bigfoot, etc, etc people) peer reviwed with this stuff because there aren't many unbiased scientists willing to put their neck out there.

The closest thing I think I have seen to this is this site:


It all comes down to money and good research and this research being independently, unbiasedly reviewed.