Sunday, April 11, 2010

Straight to the point...

Bruce Duensing has my brain in a tizzy. In a good way. You can read his entire post " Does Ufology Have A Future When It's Non-Existent?" at INTANGIBLE MATERIALITY.

So much is wrong with Ufology right now. In fact so much was wrong at the dawning of Ufology.
When I was a kid, I wanted to discover other civilizations, in the farther reaches of space. To
do that I knew I needed to devote my entire life to such a pursuit. I knew the chances of me ever
leaving Earth were slim-to-none. I knew that in all likely hood, I wouldn't succeed.

But I didn't care.

I didn't want to be famous. I didn't want anyone erecting any statues of me in a spacesuit, shaking
hands with some extraterrestrial. I just wanted to look into the void, see the things I could only
speculate about, and then move on.

That's the mentality of people who really want to find the truth. You work to support your 'hobby'...
your side passion. You know it's not a legit career. And why not? Because the world isn't like an
Indiana Jones movie. You can't go making your way through lost cities, tempting the unknown forces
of the Universe and expecting to be rewarded for it.

Because the world we live in just isn't that cool. There are no prehistoric monsters in the skies and
there are no Super Villains skulking in doorways, waiting for the opportunity
to take over the world. We have confused reality with imagination. Fact with fiction.

This is why Ufology fails. Because we let the fantastical, ridiculous things creep in and slowly mix
and congeal with the possible. The fact that people are seeing the same things they've been seeing
for thousands of years means nothing to mainstream science if the only people speaking out are
the clinically insane.

In essence, the world doesn't care about the Hybrids tapping your phone if a) The Hybrids don't
look like the 'Observers' from Fringe, b) Some 'famous' Ufologist isn't involved in your experience
in some way, and c) You aren't getting any special information about the Universe, Weapons of Mass
Destruction, or why Justin Bieber sounds like a girl. If it isn't 'Hollywood', no one's interested.

And at worst, if it isn't 'Scientifically' possible, then it's bunk. Even though Science is the business
of the Impossible. But who's keeping score?

If you want to find proof that UFO's/Extraterrestrials/Ghosts/Bigfoot/Mermaids/Nessie/Zombie Elvis
exist, don't go looking for the answers thinking you're going to headline a TV show on SYFY, a book deal
and be the major guest speaker at all the KOOK-Conventions. That's not the reality of the Quest for the Truth.

If you want to find proof because you believe that life is not just about waking up and going to work, worrying
about bills, watching countries blow each other up, people kill each other and children starve...if you believe
looking into the void gives you a purpose and some meaning...then by all means, do your thing. Just don't
go expecting any fame and fortune along the way.

And as for those who came before, who are still eking an existence out of this 'pursuit' of the truth we all hold so near and dear...keep on keeping on...but if you destroy what's left of Ufology with greed, ignorance and ego, try not to fuck it up for the rest of us.


Rich said...

"It is very difficult (if not impossible) to find the truth, if any is to be found, in a sea of garbage, especially when the truth looks and smells like garbage."

Do we believe someone who is supposedly abducted by aliens? Do we believe, as a whole, the abduction of people? How about animals?

For me, I prefer physical evidence over any story or in addition to a story.

Digital photos, etc (documentary evidence) can be faked but multiple CLEAR, GOOD RESOLUTION photos, etc. taken by different people at the same time or around the exact same time would constitute evidence...not to say of what though. For this reason, photo and video evidence to me are considered weak, unless combined with physical evidence.

Soooo, people lie, photos and video can be faked and even actual physical evidence can be bullcrap.

Again, I prefer physical evidence over anything else and if possible physical along with documentary evidence. Ever notice that good physical evidence in "ufology" is hard to come by?

So, what about crop designs, animal mutilations, and supposed alien dna? What can be said of this stuff in a TRUE (as opposed to corrupted) scientific peer reviewed way?

Well, this is a large part of the problem. Solve this and "Ufology" gains some ground.

Kind of hard to do though.


"It is very difficult (if not impossible) to find the truth, if any is to be found, in a sea of garbage, especially when the truth looks and smells like garbage."

Rich said...

Maybe create a "Journal of the Unexplained," as I wouldn't call any of this "ufology" because this implies that crop designs, animal mutilations, etc, are indeed the result of ufos and/or aliens of some type. Also, this is not to say the answer is not already known regarding this stuff, but rather just picking these as examples.

Lastly, I neglected to mention a good form of documentary evidence; historical documentations (FIRST HAND SOURCES from goverment(s), etc) regarding UFOs. This has already been done or is being attempted.