Thursday, April 22, 2010

One for the books?

We've all heard the old 'UFO abducts COW' story. We've seen photoshopped pictures of a poor, unassuming cow dangling precariously in the air, under the invisible field of a flying saucer. But a car? A UFO just picking up a random car and dropping it as if to say, " Hey, Cleeclix, I think we have the wrong vehicle. The Earth-made gps is off..." And then dropping it like a hotcake.

Two New Hampshire teens claim a UFO lifted their car and then dropped them about 180 feet away. I have no idea why a UFO would behave in such a manner, so I am not going to dismiss this story based on what I DON'T KNOW. You can read the entire report here.

Steve Firmani, the New England State Director for MUFON is on the case so there could be something here
after all.


Erik said...

This one caught my attention last week as well, Tina. It's one of the more original scenarios I've heard in a while. Kind of makes you wonder though, what kids might do or say to get out of a reckless endangerment ticket.


Deirdre said...

There'd be Hell to pay if that had been my Civic.

Tina Sena said...

I know if that'd happened to me, my mother would be like, " You better hope them damn aliens come back to save your ass before I get to it..."

Moms. Gotta love them.

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