Monday, March 05, 2007

THOTHWEB book competition results

The Bard of Atlantis - Ed Altmann

Mysteries of a Mysterious Author - Ed Altmann

Ancient Indian Vimanas - Ash

Mythology, the ages of man and the extraterrestrial hypothesis - Oddthings

The Seven Who Decree Fate - Sharkstooth

The Strange Myths and Astronomical Knowledge of the Dogon - TimeRunner

The Quarantine - Sol Aris

The Case for Celestial Humans Part 1 - Ed Komarek

UFOs and the Zero Point Field - BaconBit

The Others - Jim Brikiatis

Divination The Divine Action - DestinyTarot

How and Why CryptoNumerolgy Works - Gary Val Tenuta

Numerology I - Eastro

How To Astral Project - Jedi Karen

Learn to Communicate Telepathically with your animals ;;- Annumela

The Uses of PSI - Jedi Karen

Affecting Fire for Beginners - Xict

Spirits of The Alamo - ReverendChaos

The Ghost of the Golden Fountain - Lonecat

Why The Alamo is Haunted - BubbaEarl III

The Temporal Nature of Hauntings - Russell White

Magic & Modernity - Huginn

What is Meditation ? - Chi Disciple

Nazi's and The Philosophers Stone - Lesley

A Brief Glimpse into Modern Magic & Magical Misconceptions - Dawn

A stargate for our time - archeyogi

Aleister Crowley Superstar - Benn

The Indigo Prophet - Tisha Lee

Sigils - Shadowarrior13

The Halo Light - Timerunner777

You can explore paranormal habitat - Ed Altmann

UFOs The Mystery of our Time - Dragonbane

Flying Saucer Kooks, and A Look Into Colin Bennett’s Looking for Orthon - Regan Lee

UFO Technology - Gemofaperson

The Dream of Dreams - Jedi Karen

Gnostic Awakening - Christosphere

Hello. I am Bliss, and I currently live at Your Doorstep - MediaMonkey

A model of good and evil as directions of flow - Christosphere

Understanding Emotions - Tekture

The Beast Within Us - Anita M Saunders

Messages in Celluloid - The defeat of Isengard - Sol Aris

The Double Web of Deception - Caduceus

Newton, Descartes, Einstein, Sheldrake, O'Donnell and what next? - Marvin77

The Scientist and Dharma - Carbonek

Consciousness and Quantum Physics - Reejones

Alchemical Vessels as Soul Containers - Carbonek

On the Nature of Four: Jung’s Quarternity, Mandalas, the Stone and the Self - Carbonek


For those with great attention to detail, you'll probably notice there's not quite 50 listed here, and that's because there's some others to be checked who didn't submit via the usual method, so hang on to your hats if one of those is you. A really big thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. To the winners, hopefully this will provide inspiration for you to keep writing, and of course you can now boast to everyone with a copy of the forthcoming book, showing them your entry, or entries. This book will be heavily publicised globally, and if you get offers from publishers don't forget to mention how it all came about.

As there has been more winners than was originally anticipated, we need to discuss what prize you will be getting other than the publication, and a copy of the book of course. Everyone will get something, details to be sent to you soon.

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