Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Aliens Ate My Buick (Blog)

Carol Rosin: A Postcard from the Edge

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Rich said...

I just read the Carol Rosin response to an email that was sent to her. I don't know how she knows that none of the aliens (assuming they exist -- not beyond the realm of possiblities though) are bad and that this is the truth. Also, she says that they will leave if we weaponize space. How does she know any of this? She seems pretty smart but...?

Here is some of what she said (don't believe I took this out of context but someone can correct if I am wrong):

"Do you believe that the ET’s are evil, that some may be, for example? I can promise you NONE of them are hostile. That is simply the truth...but what will your mind do with that based on all you’ve so far been exposed to/taught? I can also tell you that IF humans set of a nuclear catastrophe or put operational weapons in space “they” will you believe that one? While there could always be a change of plans, that’s the truth, for now.