Sunday, April 01, 2007

If only the world were that much more mysterious...

Today I was followed home by two psychos in a pickup. Thankfully I wasnt alone, but still, when you live in the neighborhood I live in, it pays to be cautious. Infact it would pay a whole lot more to be superhuman and capable of smoting your enemies with laserbeams. But that not being the case, after my cousin, my sister and I ran home, through a series of backyards and rolling hills, I came to the conclusion that UFOLOGY, for me, is an escape. An escape from the world that lays just beyond my front door. In the world of Ufology, extraterrestrials invade our airspace, our planet, everyday and we want to know why. In the world I wake up to everyday, other humans invade my space. I would prefer the aliens to tell you the truth. Too many people have been killed in March alone in my city. Dorchester is becoming a cesspool of vagrants and murderers...perverts and worse still...and I am telling you I would rather live on the moon...I would rather be abducted by reptilians than have to hear about another teenager getting killed on my street. I wonder if any other UFOLOGISTS can say the same.

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