Sunday, April 08, 2007

Debunking Kills!

The Easter bunny is dead. So is Santa Claus and the Boogey Man. All dead. They were gone before you were born, when learned men sat down and pondered on the validity of such fantastical beings and based on the expertise as learned men who learned everything. They learned pretty early on to Debunk. And they've been doing it ever since. Sometimes these are the very same men who invent such preposterous things before they kill them. They've even found a way to kill God. Gasp! And dare I say it, even though Easter is upon us and Jesus was supposed to have been resurrected, is it even possible to be resurrected when you've been killed over a zillion times? Yes, they've debunked Jesus Christ.
Debunking is an old skill...much like banging rocks together, or drawing a line in the sand. Debunking is simply REFUSING TO BELIEVE. I know this, because I have debunked many things in my life. At first it was fun. Imagine looking into the eyes of some lost, poor soul also-known-as the BELIEVER. Poor believers. Believing in everything...faeries, witches, goblins, monsters, aliens, and unicorns. How dare they? Such, such...simple, small people, these believers. But then oneday I realized just how many things I believed in and then I counted the number of times these very beliefs have been debunked. I suppose what goes around really does come around.
That is not to say Debunking isnt a valid sport, like volleyball. Or something like that. Debunking is necessary. I mean, you always need the people who lack imagination to make you realize just how lucky you are to have one. Right?
To debunk is to disprove and there are many things to disprove in the world. For instance, it isn't flat. Secondly, it isn't hollow and third, it isn't inhabited by Amazon women from Venus. All of this is valid, but when debunking gets tricky is when it comes to things that cannot be neither proven NOR disproven. This is why debunking kills. A case can just barely make it off the ground, but if it is obscure or strange in any way, it is debunked. All the science; all the study that could have gone into it is dead before it gets its day in court. Roswell was debunked from day one. So were the Phoenix lights and the O'hare sighting.
Let's make this clear: Debunking helps no one. It doesn't help the people trying to prove a case, and it doesn't help those disproving the case. It only makes a case unattractive and hard to get to the bottom of because of all the red tape.
If ever there were skeptics and debunkers who for once (because it never, ever happens) said, "Ya know, this story is fishy and I am completely biased, but let us pull together our resources and see if we can get to the bottom of this." Well then, imagine what a lovely day it would be. Debunkers and NON-Debunkers sitting down for a cup of tea with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, the Faery Queen, elves, Rumplestiltskin, Giants, Wonder Woman...


Rich said...

I agree because we know so little about this place (ourselves included). If an idea has a chance of being true, then it should not be so readily debunked. It should be looked into to try and figure it all out. Even if I presently dsmiss a lot or perhaps all of the "artifacts" pictures from the moon or mars as just the result of being processed, compression, etc, this still does not mean there is nothing being hidden or perhaps missed by the establishment. As a matter of fact, even taking into account processing, compression of photos, etc, it looks to me, as just being an average layman of course, that there does seem to be generally permanent running (or pooled) liquid surface water on Mars. Visit I hope one day we really can know whether this is true or not. Unfortunately we have to rely on the trust of the space programs of ours and other countries to fgiure this one out and furthermore that they would not hide any information from the public (however small or big of a chance this might be).

Rich said...

I would also like to add to the above that even taking into account compression of photos, signal loss, processing, etc of Mars that there still do seem to be some odd stuff...perhaps even the moon although I am less enthused here. Of course, I am nowhere near an expert in imaging.

Tina Sena said...

Hello Rich,

You are right. I just get annoyed when NO ONE even bothers to look into a case as thoroughly as it deserves, and then someone comes around the corner and debunks it. From then on, no one wants to get to the bottom of it, and if they try, it's harder than it would have been if they'd had the chance from the get-go.

Rich said...

Hi Tina, I am always I guess it all cancels itself out...not really though...haha. Perhaps because I am too much of a realist but with enough imagination to see that things should be (or really should have been) much, much better for all of us. Of course I agree with what you said above. Things should be looked into and perhaps even after being debunked looked into again.