Monday, April 30, 2007

The Holographic UFO-verse

A week ago, the world was in awe when the King of Rock and Roll performed
on stage with Celine Dion. The explanations ranged from CGI, to Holograms.
It got me to thinking, if we can master the basics of holography,
considering the concept was well concieved for Star Trek, than is it
possible that someone with far greater technical talents has pulled off the
greatest Holographic show this side of the galaxy?
The question is: Are the majority of UFO's nothing more than holograms?
Consider that almost every case consists of a craft appearing seemingly out of nowhere only to disappear into the ether. There is no trick photography. No wizard behind the curtain, so far as we know, and yet there is something about the UFO phenomena that is far beyond your typical idea that they are advanced interstellar craft.
There is one case that to me, spells out the whole concept of holography and UFO's. If you've never heard of the FATIMA apparitions, here is a briefing: In 1917, three children, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta saw what they called the LADY OF THE OLIVES. According to the accounts, it was the Virgin Mary. Or so the story originally perpetrated. However, in recent times, the FATIMA accounts given by the church have been heavily disputed.
According to some researchers, what the children saw was not in the likeness of the Virgin Mary. On the contrary, what they saw was a being, resembling a 12 year old girl, with large eyes and an odd costume of intricate ball-like details, and an odd crown of still, even more balls, around her head. She was something they had never seen before. But she was not the typical VIRGIN MARY apparition.
Most intriguing is how the sun seemed to bounce around in the sky. Does that sound familiar. Or, how about many artistic depictions of rays or beams PROJECTING the image of the Virgin. This would not be the first time nor the last, that a sighting of such religious implications marked the emergence of a wholely new kind of UFO experience.
Was the FATIMA apparition a hologram? Some say yes, and some still say, BLASPHEMY. That is fine, but consider how eratic the behavior of most UFO's are; like holding a laser beam to the sky and then zipping it back and forth, randomly, with no apparent reasoning.
This is not to say there are no actual, physical craft out there. I have read many, many reports to validate the strong precedence of crashed, retrieved, and very much REAL crafts of a Extra/Ultra/Cryptoterrestrial nature.
But is this all some facade? What if there was an exchange of technology between our government and these beings at some point in history? Do we really think that some advanced race would show us how to build weapons of mass destruction? And if so...if these beings soul initiative is to watch mankind obliterate itself, than that in and of itself is a form of deception, because you don't tell the ant you're going to step on just do.
We could very well be dealing with the greatest cosmic lie ever perpetrated. While we are looking one way, thinking to ourselves how fascinating it is to see these wayward crafts jetting across the sky from some unknown abode in the cosmos, we are essentially looking in the other direction---distracted---while the real crux of the matter, the true happenings are spinning about, right beneath our feet, but we are just too mesmerized by the light show to notice.


Rich said...

"Consider that almost every case consists of a craft appearing seemingly out of nowhere only to disappear into the ether."

I don't know about this...have to rule out "crafts" going from full stop to extreme acceleration, seemingly disappearing.

One of OUR biggest problems is not really knowing what we are living "in." We call it a universe and we live on a planet but really what exactly is it all...? Funny thing or not so funny is that we live comfortably in this "place" as if "everything is alright," or more popularly don't really seem to care about this at all...more important to worry who will win the World Series (sports) and what color my next iPod will be or when my next "drinking/drug date" will be. I am not blaming specifically our culture for this as all cultures have their distractions...some are as basic as finding food/water and shelter.

Having said all of this, I do recommend reading all of Jacques Vallees' books. Also, reading "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot (died at age of 39 back in 1992 of leukemia according to Wiki). Before reading this book, ask yourself, as you should every day anyway, WHY is this "place" so cruel? Then, forget about that kid you were planning on "bringing here," unless of course Michael Talbot's death and the countless others suffering and dying don't mean a thing to you. After all, if everything is fine with you...IT MUST BE ALL GOOD...right?

Lesley said...

I personally think that many ghosts are something like a hologram. A hologram is a moment or time varying sequence recorded with light and played back with the right type of light hitting the right angle. I believe certain things like ghosts are recorded history that is played back when certain conditions are met. That is why many "ghosts" are always seen walking the same hallway or looking out the same window. Not a hologram in a traditional sense, but a recording nonetheless.

Tina Sena said...

Hello Lesley,

I have the same ideas regarding hauntings. I do believe they are projections of some kind...holographic not in the sense that we know regarding holograms...but something similar. I have always beleived that the Supernatural is nothing more than an advanced technology we don't yet a small tribe of people in the jungle somewhere, looking up at the planes in the sky and thinking they are vehicles of the (g)ods...
I should call this the DELUSIONAL UNIVERSE. lol

Hello Rich,
Was that comment project at me, or was it in general? I have read most of Vallee, and I wish he would come back to the fold. That would make a few numb-heads shut up and listen. Atleast I'd like to think so.


Rich said...

Hi Tina, nope, the only part that was projected (no hologram intended...haha) towards you was the acceleration part. I only brought up Vallee because he does mention in one of his books about the use of holograms...though I did get from what you were saying that you meant UFOs in a much wider sense so this was also not directed at you. I am very glad to hear you have read most of Vallees' books. Me too (all but two I beleive), even though I recommended all of them...haha. Liked both Lesley and your commments!

Are all living things equal? Are bacteria, ticks, spiders, whales and worms equal to us? From the "lowest" to the "highest" living things and even amongst the nonliving (viruses considered nonliving right?)...replication or reproduction, individuality pretty much being meaningless and death seem to be the common denominators.

We all want to believe but I don't think there is anything to believe in. I can almost believe that the Bible and anything like it was just a trick, like everything else, just to keep us going. Make us feel important or like we mean something. Alas, there is NOTHING on this Earth (or known universe) that shows GOOD FAITH/CARE in thinking/feeling beings or just life itself...even the lowly worm....lest we forget about the bacteria sitting in our guts.

THE MOST SCARIEST PART OF ALL OF that there are people (basically all of us I guess) that continue to go about life as if this is ALL OK! God has a plan...? God works in mysterious ways? God cannot be known? God loves us. God cares. Jesus cares. Jesus loves us. Need we get into other culture beliefs? I mean it just all sounds to me like a bunch of mentally sick madness.

I am really sorry Tina for getting off topic (it is just me and I try not to do this but...) and creating like a "minitopic" here but I felt it necessary to put things into a very wide view of life and the world. To put our "alien/ghost/etc friends" in perspective.