Thursday, April 19, 2007


Greg Bishop:

"The study of UFOs, if taken in its entirety, produces some of the same results. An endless cataloging of cases for its own sake is little more than hobbyist pornography, but looking deeper for patterns and trends sometimes opens the door to not only a deeper appreciation for the subject, but a peek from the outside of our own current views of existence and its obvious limitations. Why can’t we agree on what causes UFO sightings, or what controls the phenomenon? A few authors have already pointed out that there is little or no evidence that UFOs are interplanetary craft piloted by aliens from other star systems. Still, the hardcore believers continue to dance to this enticing tune."

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Rich said...

I am all for compiling cases, creating a database (a relational database) and trying to create a profile of any of this stuff. I think this has already been attempted and/or is continuing to be done by smart researchers. Profile, profile, profile, patterns, patterns, patterns...across the board, regarding all things that "go bump in the night." One of the very first things to do when you (we) don't know what you (we) are dealing with!