Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Listen to Becky talk extensively about her experiences...and she also touches on what many have said re: warding off unwanted visitations and spirituality.

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Rich said...

I wish we really knew whether there was a spirit, what exactly it is, and just how it all works. Unfortunately basically all we have to rely on are stories, beliefs, and some odd occurences for which there may or may not be any explantions. When left with no explantion, then what? It becomes just another story since there is almost always no evidence, or if there is any evidence it is not hard enough or just circumstantial.

Hopefully, hope being just a four letter word, one day soon we can figure out once and for all whether consciousness can exist seperately from our brains. We can then have hard indisputable proof! Need many scholars to study this and unfortunately this area is not well funded.