Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ben Grundy:

"Rocco and I had planned an elaborate April Fools day prank where I was going to be kidnapped by the MIB for a few days. I ended up falling ill over the weekend and spent it confined to my bed and the couch playing hours of Kid Icarus on the Wii. The funny part is that I didn't let Rocco know I was sick so perhaps he was starting to think our April Fools fantasy had come true!

Now after I edited all my sniffs and coughs out, the episode turned out to be a gem. We've got more info on The Illumination Project, an interview with Australia's Yowie hunter: Paul Cropper, and an amazing recording from an F15 pilot's encounter with a strange object in the sky.

You'll also find out why I now record in a circle of salt to protect myself from Cernovog's black magic."

Show notes, music and Yowies after the jump...

Sydney to fade to black for Earth Hour

New Malaysian Bigfoot Tracks!

KAPPA -- River Imp or Sprite

Edo Period Sketches of the Kappa

Ancient UFOs in Australia

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